Meet customer needs anywhere – Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

Meet customer needs anywhere – Dynamics 365 Sales Insights

As a global public accounting and consulting firm, Grant Thornton depends on Microsoft solutions to meet customers’ needs around the world.

To best serve its clients, Grant Thornton must tie its extensive knowledge of macro – level economic and industry trends to the micro – level business needs, motivations, and challenges faced by individual executives within its client base. The global accounting and consulting firm does this by using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Microsoft Azure, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to “connect the macro with the micro” and deliver that information quickly and accurately to geographically distributed team members.

Now Grant Thornton is beginning to use AI – powered Dynamics 365 Sales Insights to help take their services to the next level. With it, team members can continuously analyze the data they already have to understand the health of client relationships and learn where new opportunities may lie, to take actions based on those insights, close new opportunities faster, and win more deals. Watch this video to learn more about Grant Thornton and their journey with Microsoft solutions.

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